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Bird Watching: A Fun and Natural Way to Spend Your Time

There are so many things that you can spend your time on nowadays that are not beneficial to you or your health. You can sit and watch TV for hours on end, and just grow larger and remain the same person intellectually. But there are still many hobbies available to the average person which will improve you on all levels. One of these is bird watching. Bird watching is a great hobby that will put you out in nature, and allow you to familiarize yourself with different species of birds, and become a more knowledgeable person in general.

You hardly need anything in order to become a birdwatcher. A pair of binoculars helps, but it is possible to do it with just your naked eyes (although you will probably quickly graduate to having binoculars, in order to identify birds easier). You will also want a simple bird book, especially if you are new to bird watching. These books will help you to recognize and become familiar with the basic categories and species of birds that you can encounter. Once you bird watch for a while, you will start to be able to recognize your local birds based on just a few factors

You can also use a bird watching book as a sort of checklist for the birds you have seen. When you see a certain species of bird, you can make a little tally mark in the book every time you see that type. It will give you an idea for what birds are the most common and the rarest in your area, and give you a sort of record of your progress as a birdwatcher. This will provide motivation to continue going out every day, in order to find new species that you have not encountered in the past.

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So if you think that bird watching could be an activity that you would like to get into, then check out some local resources. You may find clubs in your town that meet up, divide into pairs, and go looking for birds. You may find resources that tell you tips based on the local climate and weather. But using libraries, the internet, and the experiences of other people, you will be able to become an expert birdwatcher in no time. All you need is the desire to get out there and see nature.

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